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First Pacific’s 40th Anniversary

First Pacific celebrates a remarkable milestone – its 40th anniversary. In this issue of The View, Chairman Anthoni Salim and Managing Director and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan reflect on our journey. Discover how our investments have evolved, driven by changing conditions, and how the First Pacific Group is well-positioned for a secure future.

Bridge of hope and progress

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (“MPTC”) held a celebration for its landmark project, the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (“CCLEX”) on 15 April. CCLEX is a P30 billion, 8.5-kilometer toll bridge that will link Cebu City to the Municipality of Cordova in Mactan Island. The iconic bridge was blessed and illuminated in a significant ceremony, worthy of an engineering marvel.

MPTC Chairman Manuel V Pangilinan was in virtual attendance and said, “We add a deeper and loftier meaning to CCLEX by adding eight 40-meter crosses that celebrate the coming of Christ 500 years ago. These crosses will illuminate the skyline of Metro Cebu - beacons of hope and progress, symbols of achievement, and everything Cebuanos are proud of.”

Indofood’s healthier deliciousness

Indofood has launched two noodle product innovations to give noodle lovers healthy, tasty new experiences. Supermi Nutrimi is made of broccoli with the goodness of savory mushroom stocks, corn and carrot toppings, with no MSG, artificial flavor or preservatives.

Another new product offers a taste of Italy with a spicy twist. Inspired by the pandemic quarantines, it allows consumers to enjoy the kind of meal they might usually have in a restaurant. The Indomie HypeAbis Mieghetti Bolognese is a chewier noodle with an authentic meaty bolognese topping. It comes with additional chili powder to suit the Indonesian palate.

Meralco’s first renewable power plant

Meralco is aggressively pursuing sustainable investments in its shift to renewable energy. On 12 May, the company’s first P4.25-billion solar power plant began commercial operations in San Miguel, Bulacan, a province north of Manila. BulacanSol is a 50-megawatt power plant providing clean and renewable power to the Luzon grid.

Meralco Chairman Manuel V Pangilinan commented, “This is a modest step into renewables but a significant one for Meralco. We look forward to many more investments in renewables, particularly solar, as we attempt to achieve that balance in fuel sourcing, which will ultimately be biased towards renewables.”