Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2016

Corporate Governance

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Chairperson Madeleine Lee Suh Shin* Member Benny S. Santoso Margaret Leung Ko May Yee* Prof. Edward K.Y. Chen*

Nomination Committee   Chairperson Philip Fan Yan Hok* Member Anthoni Salim Manuel V. Pangilinan Prof. Edward K.Y. Chen* Madeleine Lee Suh Shin*

Remuneration Committee   Chairperson Prof. Edward K.Y. Chen* Member Manuel V. Pangilinan Philip Fan Yan Hok*

Corporate Governance Committee   Chairperson Margaret Leung Ko May Yee* Member Robert C. Nicholson Philip Fan Yan Hok*